1. Click on the Open new account button anywhere on the website pages and go to the sign up page

2. Enter your login info 

3. Fill in the fields: your login and your e-mail. All fields are required to be filled in.

4. Finish the registration 

5. Check that you agree to the Terms of use and click on Register button.

1. Click on the Login button and go to your personal account. If you are not registered, register on the site. Then go to your personal account. Click on deposit button to go to the deposit creation page.

2. Enter deposit amount and select preferred investment plan.  

3. Choose the payment system you want to use to create a deposit and click deposit. 

4. Make a payment 

5. Check the deposit details. If you use cryptocurrency to pay, the system will generate an address to pay for this deposit. You should transfer the specified amount to this address and the deposit will be charged automatically after confirmation of the transaction. If you use payeer or perfectmoney payment systems then click on Confirm or make payment button to create a deposit.

1. Go to your personal account 

2. Click on Login button and go to your personal account.

3. Go to your account settings and enter the address of your payment system account from which you want to withdraw funds.

4. Enter the amount to be withdrawn 

5. Check the withdrawal details and confirm the operation.

Check the correctness of the information entered, sometimes it can be a problem with the browser. Try changing your browser, cleaning out cookies.

If you need further assistance, please contact the support.

Your account will be active immediately after registration.

You can log in to your account by clicking the “Login” link on the main page and enter your user name and password.

You can change your password in your account settings (must be logged in to the account).

To change e-mail, you need to contact our support.

Click forgot password, enter your email address, and you should receive a link to reset your password.

If you did not receive a notification on the mail, check the spam folder or ask for help in support.

Any client can have only one account. In the case of multiple registrations from your computer, our security service can block accounts and funds in them.

These funds are managed by a team of Wepro investments experts.

Cryptocurrency is fixed rate.

We accept deposits in cryptocurrencies with fixed rate. It means accruals on investment is not subject to cryptocurrencies market volatility.

For example, if you invest 1 BTC on Gold plan and Return on investment is 40%, Your account is credited with 1.4 BTC at the end of your investment plan regardless of the current price of BTC in the cryptocurrency market. Same goes to all crypto payment gateways we offer for investments. 

To make a deposit, click "deposit" in your account.

Specify the amount, select the investment plan, choose payment system and click "Deposit".

Follow the instructions of your payment system.

Your deposit must be activated immediately if you use PerfectMoney.

Bitcoin network is instant. 

Your deposit time may sometimes take from a 1 to 2 hours depending on the network. If your deposit has not appeared in your account for a long time, please contact support.

The minimum investment amount is $50. 

But please pay attention that you can have only 3 active deposit per plan.

Yes, you can reinvest your profits from the balance of your account.

At the moment we accept: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin and Dash. 

We are working on expanding the list of available payment systems - follow the news.

To withdraw your profits, you need to click the "Withdraw" button. Specify the amount of payment and select the payment system that you wish to use.

Payments are made daily Monday to Sunday from 07:00 AM - 07:00 PM (UTC).

In order to preserve the money of our investors and for maximum protection, the withdrawal request will be processed manually within 24 hours.

But in rare cases, it can take up to 48 hours from time of the request.

To calculate the profit on the site there is an online calculator. Enter deposit amount, select package, select investment duration and click submit. The system automatically calculates the resulting profit.

Standard maturity period for all investment plan is 1 month. Option for weekly withdrawal for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond plan is granted for first time investors. 

There are no fees.

The purpose of the referral program is to expand the number of investors in the system. 

Each participant of the program invites investors using their referral link (personal link is available in the "Referrals" section in the personal cabinet).

When opening an investment account by invited participant you get 6% of additional income from each deposit of invited participant of the 1st level,  2% of the 2nd, 1% of the 3rd level and 1% of the 4th level

The referral commission is accrued to your account balance instantly.

Yes, we offer a flexible referral program to our customers. This is a great way to make extra money. You can invite people to our investment platform and promote our site using banners, text ads, social networks, messengers and any other legitimate ways.

No, there is no need to have an active investment to participate.

Referral commission will be added to your balance immediately after your referral makes a deposit.

No, you can’t change the upliner. A user who has invited another partner has the right to get a commission for life from all of that referral’s deposits.

Cryptocurrency is virtual money that has no physical expression unlike fiat funds. A feature of the currency unit is protection against fake, because its encrypted data can't be duplicated. A key feature of cryptocurrency is the absence of any internal or external administrator. Therefore, banks, tax, judicial and other state or private bodied cannot influence the transactions of any participants in the payment system. This is possible, since all data with cryptocurrency wallets and transactions are stored in the blockchain. 

The Wepro Investment platform uses such major currencies as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin and Dash.

Visit www.bitcoin.org  get complete information about bitcoin and choose a wallet that is right for you. The sites such as www.btc.comwww.bitcoin.com, and www.blockchain.com also provide the opportunity to receive a wallet of this most popular cryptocurrency.

www.litecoin.org allows you to create a Litecoin wallet for different platforms. Also, taking care of users, it provides comprehensive information about this cryptocurrency.

You can easily create a Payeer account at www.payeer.com There you can also find out all the features of this payment system.

You can become a user of Perfect Money and find out everything you need about this payment system at www.perfectmoney.is  For the convenience of customers, everything is simple and clear.

In almost any country, a person who wants to buy cryptocurrency and electronic money can use the exchange service. The largest aggregators of such services are www.localbitcoins.com and www.bestchange.com. You need to decide how to buy cryptocurrency (using a bank card, money transfer, electronic payment systems, etc.) and choose a right trader. Pay attention to the reviews. It is worth choosing a seller without complaints and lots of good reviews. 

Terminals and ATM are often used to buy cryptocurrencies. The ATM list is on the site www.CoinATMRadar.com. Such devices are easy to use. Just a few operations will be enough for your cryptocurrency to be credited to your wallet. Terminals work with cash. 

Each region of the world has its own specific ways to buy cryptocurrency. To learn more about this, please contact our online support.

You can open a free E-currency account here: www.perfectmoney.iswww.payeer.com or you can deposit using any of the crypto currency listed; Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin or Dash.

If your question is not answered in the FAQs section, please contact the Support Team. To do so, please click the "Contact Us" button on the menu or contact our online assistant on the website. Our Support Team will process your request immediately. We also look forward to your feedback which we will use to improve our platform and website.